2017 plants

Goodness, is this out of date! Should I attempt to catch up now, or try again in 2018? Hmm…

Dates I first saw plants in my yard:

Plant Leaves Buds Flowers
Columbine, wild Apr 20
Coneflower, yellow Apr 14
Creeping bellflower Apr 4
Culver’s root
Cup plant Feb 22*
Golden Alexanders Apr 17
Goldenrod Apr 4
Hepatica Apr 13 Apr 13  Apr 23
Hyssop, purple giant Apr 9
Iris Apr 1
Jack-in-the-pulpit Apr 20
Meadow rue, early Apr 16 Apr 16
Pearly everlasting Apr 4
Phlox Apr 13
Rue anemone Apr 20
Sedum, autumn joy Feb 23
Spiderwort, cultivar Mar 28
Spring beauty Apr 4 Apr 4  Apr 23
Trillium sessile Apr 8 Apr 20
Turtlehead, pink Feb 22*
Turtlehead, white Feb 21*
Violet, wood Apr 5 Apr 20  Apr 23
Wild ginger Apr 9 Apr 20  Apr 25

* Winter thaw; this growth died off.

Need to add:

Trillium, large-flowered
Violet, canada
Black-eyed susan, non-native
Black-eyed susan, native
Coneflower, orange
Coneflower, purple
Coneflower, white cultivar 1
Coneflower, white cultivar 2
Milkweed, common
Milkweed, butterflyweed
Vervain, blue
Spiderwort, native
Joe-pye weed
Evening primrose, cultivar
Geranium, purple giant
Geranium, wild
Coral bells

Newly planted:

Milkweed, poke
Milkweed, prairie
Milkweed, swamp
Milkweed, _____
Milkweed, whorled
Vervain, hoary
False indigo
Blazingstar, meadow
Blazingstar, dotted
Bishop’s cap