A shamrock, of course

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so what else is there to post but a photo of a shamrock?

shamrock with several white flowers

Plant source: I don’t remember; likely a grocery store.

The plant marker says: Oxalis (Shamrock), grown in Canada.


Merry Pink Christmas

My husband once called these “pink Christmas trees,” and I’ve been unable to think of them as anything else since.

three light-pink lupine

In fact, I often can’t think of their real name, lupine, or lupinus polyphyllus. The plant marker says “gallery mix,” but all of the flowers have been pink.

one big and one small pink lupine

Plant source: Friends School Plant Sale

Happy Vintage Halloween

Haunted house full of goblins, ghosts and other ghouls

This paper haunted house is my favorite Halloween decoration. As a kid, I made sure it was taped to my bedroom door every year. It’s a spooky fun “I spy” game: count the number of green goblins, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs, owls, and eyes.