Late-season resurgence

Even as most of our flowers were winding down for the year, some took advantage of the early October rain and unseasonably warm weather to come back to life.

Like the geranium, which bloomed in spring and again in late summer…


The white coneflower, which was eaten by rabbits in the spring before it could bloom and finally decided to try again…

coneflower bud

The tomatoes, which did produce lots of fruit during the normal growing season and tried again anyway…

tomato flower

A sunflower that sprouted extra blooms after the main flower head had gone to seed…

sunflower buds growing at the base of each leaf

The broccoli, which didn’t make any progress until October…

broccoli plant

The dahlia that didn’t even send up leaves until late August…

dahlia buds

And the feverfew that has been blooming all season long.

feverfew flowers


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