Minnesota’s state flower

Long-overdue posting of showy lady’s slippers from a late-June drive through the countryside looking for wildflowers.

a single showy lady's slipper

This is an enormous clump of at least 50 of these pretty orchids on the side of a quiet road in Mahnomen County in northwest Minnesota:

cluster of about 50 showy lady's slippers

Showy lady’s slipper is Minnesota’s state flower and is on my car’s license plate, a Critical Habitat specialty plate that supports the state Department of Natural Resources.

one showy lady's slipper photographed from above

I didn’t notice until looking at the pictures after returning home, but some of the photos make it look like the flowers have faces — yellow eyes over a wide-open mouth:

one showy lady's slipper in focus with others nearby

What a treat to see this beautiful flower in the wild.

a pair of showy lady's slippers


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