Love blooms here

My cousin gave away packets of wildflower seeds at her wedding reception a year ago.

two wildflower seed packets

I waited patiently all fall and winter to plant them this spring. Just one packet held what seemed like hundreds of seeds − probably too many for this flower box, but I spread them all in the dirt anyway.

a lot of seeds on top of dirt

It didn’t take long for the first shoots to poke out of the ground.

tiny flowers

I don’t know the names of most of these flowers, but I’m really enjoying them.

pink flowers

bright flowers

It’s been fun to see all the different varieties bloom and fade, only to be replaced by others.

blue bee


Just when I think there can’t be any more, two or three new ones emerge.

five flowers

dark pink flower

It’s interesting to note how certain flowers like the red poppies are mostly on the left side of the planter, while others like the blue flowers gravitated to the other end.

flower box

Love is blooming.


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