My favorite color is October

October is the prettiest month of the year, and I’ve got pictures to prove it. Every day the leaves seemed more beautiful than the day before.

Okay, okay, the first photo is from late September, but what’s a few days in an autumn like this?

Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth:

maple trees starting to turn behind the St. Louis River

Popple trees:

looking up at the tops of several yellow popples

I couldn’t stop taking photos at West River Parkway in Minneapolis, with its wide variety of colors that are gorgeous even on a cloudy day:

curved road with many colors of leaves on both sides

Still a few stray asters blooming:

an orange oak tree along the river, with one small purple flowering aster

A neighborhood one street off the parkway:

red, orange, brown, yellow, green trees surrounding a street

Moving on to northwest Minnesota, past peak but still plenty of color:

cattails in a swamp, with yellow popples and brown oaks behind

From the last weekend of October, the overlook at the top of Mount Charity at Latsch State Park with a few yellows and lots of dark oak leaves:

looking down from a cliff at trees, Highway 61 and the Mississippi River

And finally, a couple favorites from Octobers past:

red oak leaves up close

Sunny yellows at Lake Maria State Park:

walking path through yellow trees on a sunny afternoon

See more of my autumn photos at


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