After the hail

My husband and I were out of town today when a strong thunderstorm blew through. We found plenty of hail still remained when we returned at least an hour later:

hail scattered on the ground around a gutter

Some of our plants were injured, mostly the taller plants like this turtlehead:

one bent turtlehead stem amid many standing stems

For the most part, the damage appears minor, limited to just a few broken leaves.

autumn joy sedum with a few broken leaves on the ground

This wild ginger, a single leaf for many years, finally spread and flowered this year but now doesn’t look so good:

several leaves broken off wild ginger

Trillium sessile – standing tall this morning, then looking sad after the storm:

two trillium sessile - standing upright, then bent

Fortunately, it looks like most of the damage is superficial. I’m hoping that all of them will bounce back yet this spring.


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