Eloise’s ephemerals

Early spring is when all of my favorite wildflowers bloom. My garden has a few – hepatica, spring beauty, trillium – but the best place to see nearly every Minnesota ephemeral is the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. I visited on a sunny afternoon three weeks ago.

White trout lily:

side view of two white trout lilies

and yellow trout lily:

looking up at one yellow trout lily

Wild ginger’s shy flower:

one wild ginger plant with a dark red flower

Hepatica rising out of the carpet of oak leaves:

two purple hepatica

False rue anemone:

a large patch of false rue anemone in the sunshine

Bloodroot is my absolute favorite, possibly because they’re so delicate and so short-lived. This time I decided to take video of flowers blowing in the wind, with birds singing and bees buzzing in and out:

There was even a turkey roaming around, not at all concerned that I was watching:

a turkey that blends in well with the brown background

Earlier this week, I returned to see what’s happening now. There are many more varieties, and the brown groundcover is quickly being replaced by new, green growth.

The bloodroot I filmed is long gone, the leaves growing large but being overtaken by invasive periwinkle:

bloodroot leaves in a large patch of periwinkle

Many varieties of violets:

four different kinds of violets, names unknown

Two-leaved toothwort:

the top of one two-leaved toothwort plant

I was wondering whether there are any jack-in-the-pulpits and literally before I finished that thought, I found one hiding among the leaves:

jack-in-the-pulpit surrounded by wild geranium leaves

Marsh marigolds:

several marsh marigold blooms along a stream

Several kinds of trilliums:

large trillium, prairie trillium, yellow trillium, a different yellow variety, snow trillium

And coming soon: lots of wild geraniums.

about a hundred wild geranium leaves


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