Bluebells and more at Carley State Park

Yes, there are millions of Virginia bluebells at Carley State Park.

Virginia bluebells pointed down

What they don’t mention is that there are at least as many false rue anemones:

dozens of false rue anemone


Virginia bluebells and false rue anemone near a fallen tree

This one tree contained an entire spring wildflower ecosystem:

base of a tree surrounded by many types of wildflowers

bluebells, of course, and also bellworts:

one flowering bluebell stem and three bellworts

little-leaf buttercups:

two small yellow flowers

wild ginger:

wild ginger leaves but no flowers

early meadow rue:

small stem of early meadow rue


one open purple violet and one bud

Dutchman’s breeches:

two strings of dutchman's breeches

more false rue anemones:

small patch of false rue anemone

and soon, trilliums:

trillium with a bud hanging down


More photos from Carley State Park


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