The Plant Sale

There are many plant sales around the Twin Cities each year, but for me, the plant sale is the Friends School Plant Sale.

two rows of plants in front of a building highlighting state fair performers

It’s held on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend every year at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. I was introduced to the sale in 2009 by a coworker who volunteers every year, and I now know several more volunteers. In my neighborhood, several people shop at this sale every year.

The sale is so big that it takes place both inside the grandstand…

people shopping in the perennials section

and outside the grandstand. Mornings are a very busy time, when wristbands are needed to control entry so it’s not too crowded, but afternoons and evenings have been manageable when we’ve gone.

native plants section in the front, then trees and shrubs, near a large ramp into the grandstand

Today we headed straight for the native plants section.

rose vervain and bird's foot violet for sale, with a sign that says Good For Bees

So this is what cardinal flower looks like. Definitely not what’s growing in our front yard.

many four-packs of small green plants

Darn, the bluebells were sold out (to be restocked on Saturday).

sign marking the Virginia bluebells section, 4-inch pot for $6, with a sticker that says Sold Out More On Saturday

One of our choices:

pots with plants and an Early Meadow Rue sign in the background

Our other purchases:

  • poke milkweed
  • hello yellow milkweed (have to admit I’ve never heard of this one)
  • whorled milkweed
  • showy milkweed
  • meadow blazing star
  • dotted blazing star
  • cream wild indigo
  • broccoli
  • several heirloom tomatoes

Now, how long will it take us to get these planted?

looking down at 13 plants in a cardboard flat in a cart

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