Suddenly summer

I never quite catch the moment when spring slides into summer. But now that Memorial Day is a week and a half behind us, I guess the time has arrived.

The prairie smoke, wild columbine, and bellwort – all spring flowers – are now working on seeds.

two seedheads in the middle, with one on the left and two on the right yet to open

about 10 spiky sections of green seed pods

one three-segmented seed pod hanging in the middle of large green leaves

Some of the summer flowers are underway.

false indigo

bumblebee with its head in a purple false indigo blossom

Golden Alexanders

small bright-yellow flowers on several umbels


two open purple flowers and a couple of buds above and below

festiva maxima peony has already come and gone

a white bud and an open white flower with bright pink streaks in the center

But most are not yet flowering. Just wait until all of these are in bloom!

bee balm is a giant bush

crowded group of tall green stems, not yet budding

cup plant is collecting water

closeup of the large toothed leaves that are joined at the middle to form a cup, which has a little water

joe-pye weed is spreading

short group of six purple stems with green leaves

pearly everlasting looks awful, which is a good thing because…

a couple dozen light-green plants that appear to be covered in fungus

…these are protective webs for the American Lady butterfly’s caterpillars

closeup of one plant, with a large spiky black caterpillar inside a web formed between two leaves

tall sunflower and purple giant hyssop have spread so much that there is no more room to walk through that section of the garden

lots of skinny green plants in the background, a dozen green plants with toothed leaves in the foreground

yellow coneflower is a jungle

jagged green leaves of dozens of plants, filling the photo frame

common milkweed is budding

large green leaves with a large bumpy group of buds in the center

and the damselflies are back in the yarrow

one dark damselfly perched on an about-to-flower yarrow stem


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