Pop-up mushroom

We’ve received a lot of rain over the last two weeks. On Wednesday when I got home and was making my rounds through the gardens, this cute mushroom jumped out at me from under a tree on the hillside:

mushroom with a thick white stem and a beige rounded cap

The next day its “umbrella” had unfurled.

top view of a flat, round mushroom with a darker spot in the center

side view of the mushroom, with many gills

And one day later, the umbrella was turning brown.

same view but the gills are much darker and starting to fall apart

We were out of town for the weekend, so I didn’t see what happened next. All I know is that on Monday evening, this is what I found:

decomposed black plant material

…which makes me very interested in finding another one so I can watch it every day until the end to see what happens at each step.

Though I can guess that it’s some type of inky cap mushroom, based on the disintegration behavior, DO NOT take this as confirmation or denial for identification purposes. I am way too nervous about mushrooms’ potential for being poisonous, so I’ll just enjoy them in nature and leave my mushroom-eating to what I find in the store.


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