Fleabane forest

It started with a small patch of fleabane that popped up in the lawn right behind the house in early June.

a narrow strip of three clumps of plants about two feet tall in the middle of a patchy lawn

Two weeks later came several right at the edge of the railing in the most shady spot of the front yard. There have been a couple here before, but this year they really took off. I called it a “fleabane forest” on Instagram.

up-close view from the side of many fleabane plants

dozens of small daisy-like flowers viewed from above

Little did I know that it would be nothing compared to what happened in the backyard in July: a roughly six feet-by-six feet spot of solid fleabane.

the entire patch of fleabane in the sun, standing far enough back to not have any individual flowers in focus

same clump of flowers but zoomed way in to focus on several in front, with many more blurred in a sunny background

I don’t care that it’s considered weedy; it’s cheery, and it is native.

similar photo but closer in so there are fewer fleabane flowers in the frame

fleabane, zoomed out to where individual flowers are recognizable but there are so many that none are really in focus

Minnesotawildflowers.info recognizes three kinds of fleabane in Minnesota. I am pretty sure the early ones were Philadelphia fleabane. I’m leaning toward prairie fleabane for both of the other locations, and perhaps the difference in bloom time is simply because of different amounts of sunlight. All three varieties that grow in Minnesota are native, though, so I’m not overly concerned about getting the correct identification.


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  1. “I don’t care that it’s considered weedy; it’s cheery, and it is native.” No such thing as weeds, only suburbanites who think folks are supposed to live on golf fairways. I live in the woods of southeast Connecticut. (And lived near Minneapolis for c. 2 yr. when I was 8.) Your flea-bane resembles something in my yard. I admire your blog. I found it looking for info on snowberry clearwings getting caught in butterfly bush blossoms. I had 5 snowberries on my bush last week; just noticed a couple of ’em getting caught.


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