Winter scenes from the prairie garden

Purple giant hyssop:

stems bending to the right to nearly horizontal, the dark brown flowers frosted with snow


a thin stem pointing to the left, exactly horizontal, the light brown flowers lightly dusted with snow

Bee balm:

two seedheads leaning to the left with white snow hats, with half a dozen seedheads out of focus on the right

Pearly everlasting:

snow covering small, limp, white seedheads

Purple coneflowers:

about a dozen spiky, nearly black seedheads with snow hats that are taller than the flower

Giant snowflake on false indigo:

one big snowflake on a stem, with a much smaller snowflake on a brown leaf for a size comparison


seedhead pointing to the right poking out of a snowbank, the dark brown bracts looking almost like spider legs

Another rudbeckia — this one held onto its color:

black-eyed susan with most of its yellow petals still intact, frosty on top of snow

Rudbeckia stamens and stems:

dozens of stamens and a few seeds randomly scattered across snow


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