Autumn in the flower garden

It’s the first of October, the prettiest month of the year. Our garden is much thinner than it was in the summer, but there is still plenty of activity.

Finally, one dahlia is blooming:

light-pink dahlia with a pale yellow center

Along with lots of calendula:

bright orange calendula

The appropriately named “autumn joy” sedum:

bright pink sedum flowers with a honeybee

Zinnias and cosmos are still flowering…

zinnia bud that's about to open

…while other flowers are at the end of their blooming, like this pearly everlasting:

pearly everlasting just before going to seed

and the black-eyed susan:

a seedhead and one shriveled flower

I haven’t figured out what’s been snipping off the black-eyed susan flower heads:

several stems without flowers

Coral bells are pretty all year but fit in best in autumn:

dark purple coral bells

The milkweed pods burst open this week without my noticing…

milkweed seed pod that has just opened, with seeds still inside

…and milkweed fluff is ending up everywhere, like in this wood’s pink aster:

aster with a couple milkweed seeds

Grasses are in seed:

possibly little bluestem

And even the raspberries are reacting to the season:

raspberry branch with yellow and red leaves

Some confused flowers, like pearly everlasting, are sprouting new plants after the recent rain and warm temperatures:

sprouting pearly everlasting

…or reblooming, like the tiny monster geranium does every fall:

one dark pink geranium flower

I love bee balm – which just might be prettier after it’s done blooming:

many seedheads with bright pink leaves


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  1. Beautiful photos, Crystal. That dahlia is especially gorgeous, a flaming pink star with a heart of warm yellow sunshine. Thanks for sharing your garden with us!


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