Warm late-February weather left us with very little snow, so I’d better get going on the bug and critter recaps in case we have an early spring! Here are pictures of the spiders and other arachnids I found in our garden last summer.

I call this a jumping spider – though I don’t whether it really is – hidden in the center of a multi-headed black-eyed susan:

spider hugging the left of a flower's center disk

Harvestmen daddy longlegs (opiliones, not spiders) wrapped around leaves to hold on:

long folded legs climbing down a yarrow plant, with two legs still reaching high

long folded legs walking across leaves and stem of a native black-eyed susan

more compact daddy longlegs walking down a milkweed leaf

And two I don’t know:

long white body and medium-length light-brown legs

small yellow body and long yellow-and-black striped legs on the underside of a milkweed leaf

Other bugs and critters:


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