Insects aren’t the only living creatures in our yard. We also saw animals – or evidence of animals – all last summer, though without a zoom lens, it’s hard to get good pictures.

I never get too upset when I see cute baby rabbits, as long as I don’t remember that they will grow up to eat so much of our garden. I startled this tiny one (no bigger than my hand) by moving a flowerpot he was hiding behind. He hunkered down in the grass for a minute and then in his haste to find safety, he crashed straight into my foot.

small rabbit hunkered down low in the grass

Rabbit sampling a pot of flowers:

rabbit sniffing moss roses, with zinnias and ornamental kale in the same pot

If only they would stick to eating the dandelions!

rabbit with a long dandelion stem hanging from its mouth

I was endlessly entertained by watching them first pick the dandelions at the ground, then chew from the bottom up.

A hawk – which is in our neighbor’s tree, but it hangs over our yard:

large mostly brown bird facing away, on a thin branch

It made such an interesting sound:

Evidence of some kind of altercation:

five large dark feathers and many small gray feathers

Even pesky squirrels have to eat:

squirrel hanging upside-down from a birdfeeder that is cracked open from the strain

Mole damage in the backyard:

four dirt patches in the grass

A mole making its way underground:

Vole? Shrew?

small gray animal mostly hidden behind calendula leaves

Birds in the vegetables:

two birds in the kale, one bird on a short fence next to lettuce

Whew! Finished this bugs-and-beyond series before spring truly got underway, though plants are already sprouting. Now I am ready to start looking at the 2016 garden.

More bugs and critters:


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