Honeybees and bumblebees

I took so many bee and wasp photos in 2015 that I’ve decided to split them up. But since I am not an entomologist, I expect to get some of these wrong. As I’m learning more about ground-nesting bees in particular, I’m realizing that what I assume are honeybees and bumblebees might not be.

bachelor’s button:

honeybee in the center of a blue flower


honeybee standing on the disk floret

caught in a milkweed blossom:

honeybee hanging by its middle right leg

fighting hard to get free:

same bee holding on to the flower with its wings blurred in a circle

butterfly weed:

dark honeybee on a bright orange flower


light orange honeybee with its hind legs standing on baptisia and its head in the blossom

sleeping on purple coneflower:

bumblebee lying in the middle of a pink petal

under a milkweed leaf:

upside-down bumblebee looking into the camera

sleeping in a sunflower:

bumblebee hanging upside-down from the lower right side of a disk floret

bee balm:

big bumblebee with a yellow abdominal band on the right side of a bee balm blossom

a different bumblebee on bee balm:

yellow on top, black on bottom, on the left side of a bee balm blossom

stiff goldenrod:

four bumblebees close together, with a barely visible green bee between them

competing over a hollyhock:

a bumblebee in the center of a light pink hollyhock blossom, with another bumblebee further inside

climbing into turtlehead:

bumblebee at an angle, with its right two hind legs still outside

orange-belted, or tricolored, bumblebee, on baptisia:

out-of-focus bumblebee, yellow on top and orange on bottom, on baptisia

golden alexanders:

small bumblebee on the edge of small yellow flowers

yellow coneflower:

yellow bumblebee looking into the camera while holding onto the cone


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