Damselflies and Dragonflies

In early summer, when the yarrow was budding, damselflies were abundant in our wildflower garden.

brown damselfly perched on yarrow buds with its head pointing to the left

blue damselfly perched on yarrow buds with its head pointing to the right

They often congregated in large clusters. This photo has at least eight damselflies. (Click to see a larger image on Flickr.)

yarrow plants with eight mostly blue damselflies

And then came the dragonflies. This twelve-spotted skipper stayed perched for hours.

black-and-white wing spots on a gray dragonfly perched on baptisia

One afternoon I was exploring the garden when it started to sprinkle. Something large and loud whizzed past my ear, and then I found this big green darner dragonfly hanging onto a black-eyed susan to wait out the rain. Monarch butterflies get a lot of publicity for their annual migration to and from Mexico. Green darner dragonflies also migrate south, though it’s the offspring that return north.

green thorax and brown abdomen, clear wings, head with a giant fake eye or bullseye

Meadowhawk dragonfly relaxing in the sun.

brown dragonfly with clear wings, each with a brown spot at the tip, on a milkweed leaf in bright sun

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