Are flies pests or beneficial? Depends on the fly. It also may depend on who you ask! Some are pollinators; some are predators. Here are flies from last year’s garden.

Long-legged fly:

small fly with a skinny metallic green body on a leaf

Crane fly:

large fly with very long legs and wings folded along its body resting on a gray wall

Tiger bee fly:

brown fly with brown-and-white camouflage wings on a black-eyed susan

Common green bottle fly:

short, metallic light blue body

Unidentified dead flies, likely killed by a fungus. Other people have posted dead white flies like this on bugguide.net; University of Minnesota Extension has a potential cause.

five bloated white flies stuck on the top and bottom of raspberry leaves

The end of a robber fly:

only half of a robber fly remains on a sidewalk

Small and large hover flies:

three small bee mimic flies on fleabane

a larger bee mimic fly on a bright yellow coreopsis cultivar

More bugs and critters to come soon:


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