Other bugs

A number of bugs from last summer’s garden don’t fit into any category I’ve used so far. I’m not making any judgments about whether these are “good bugs” or “bad bugs.”

candy-striped leafhopper:

skinny red and baby blue bug with yellow face and legs


skinny green bug with long antennae and two big clear wings, obvious on a butterflyweed

same bug, nearly invisible on a milkweed leaf

sawfly larva (and hollyhock leaves they’ve damaged), and sawfly adult:

three light green caterpillars on a leaf with the top layer removed in several spots; short and stout black fly with an orange head


small gray worm crawling down the cone of a black-eyed susan

grasshopper – every time I see this photo, at first I wonder why I took a picture of woodchips:

large grasshopper that nearly perfectly matches the grayish color of the woodchips he's standing on

evidence of a spittlebug:

pile of tiny bubbles holding two goldenrod leaves together

slugs (not bugs, but I’m including them here anyway):

damaged squash vine with the top half curled back in both directions, and two slugs sitting on the bottom half


skinny bug with a big head and two tails, longer than the body, nearly forming a 90-degree angle, on a window screen

four-lined plant bug, and its damage:

short bug with black and fluorescent green stripes and a black hind end, and leaves of a black-eyed susan with dozens of small black spots

I thought this was an earwig, but now I’m not sure whether those are pincers at the top:

a medium-length black bug head-down at the base of a leaf, with two spikes sticking out of the tail end

wee harlequin bug:

two shiny shield-shaped black-and-garnet bugs, connected at the tail end, in a pasqueflower seedhead

ants on a peony:

17 small dark-brown ants on a closed peony bud

one small ant in the middle of an open white peony blossom with bright pink streaks

ants on the move:

More bugs and critters:


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