Bees and wasps

Finally continuing the bee retrospective, after honeybees and bumblebees last week; I have a tentative ID for more of these than I thought.

Ground-nesting bee throwing a dandelion seed out of the way before getting back to business:

Video link


Entrance to a ground nest:

small hole in a the dirt/woodchips

Bee on yellow coneflower:

possibly honeybee covered in pollen, at the top of the cone heading down to the right

Resin bee on bee balm:

very small black bee at the edge of the center

Resin bees on autumn joy sedum:

Video link


Some kind of metallic bee on tiny monster geranium:

small, shiny green bee

Paper wasps on stiff goldenrod:

many paper wasps, and one hoverfly, on smooth goldenrod



Great black wasp, skittish and way bigger than the honeybees that were also climbing this culver’s root. This photo is in shade; it looked iridescent blue in the sunshine:

very big wasp with its wings folded behind, holding tightly to culver's root

Wasp on stiff goldenrod:

smaller black wasp with its wings stretched out

Wasp on baptisia:

possibly paper wasp climbing up the stem of baptisia

Weevil wasp on pearly everlasting:

wasp with black-and-yellow stripes curved on top of a small white flower

There were four green sweat bees crammed inside this hollyhock blossom. One bee decided to sleep between two petal “sheets” instead:

bee with a green head looking at the camera between two outer petals of a light pink flower

Megachile centuncularis on baptisia:

bee from behind with its head in a flower, abdomen covered in pollen, feet dangling below

same bee from the side, about to climb into a blossom

Bee in a squash blossom:

small orange bee standing on the stigma

Unknown on golden alexanders:

small black-and-white bee climbing toward the camera


More bugs and critters:


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