Ladybugs and other beetles

In 2015 there were lots and lots of ladybugs in our garden. Most of these are non-native multi-colored Asian lady beetles, identifiable by an M or W pattern of spots on their heads.

red beetle on orange butterfly weed


red left wing, orange right wing


yellowish-orange beetle with 18 spots

Two spots:

darker orange ladybug with a spot at the bottom center of each wing

Six spots:

light brown ladybug with two spots on top, two in the bottom center, and two in the back

No spots:

orange ladybug

Lots of spots:

bright red ladybug with about 20 spots

Big spots:

pinkish ladybug with about 10 spots that are larger than on any other ladybug

(This is starting to feel like a Dr. Seuss book.)

Ladybug with a deformed wing:

viewed from the top, a missing wing cover and a shriveled wing extending farther than its head

viewed from the side, it looks like a cross-section of a ladybug

Aphids before ladybug arrival:

green aphids covering yarrow buds

Aphids after ladybug arrival:

two pairs of mating ladybugs walking on yarrow with no aphids

Ladybug eggs:

about 20 long yellow eggs on the underside of a milkweed leaf

Just hatched:

tiny black bugs crawling out of white eggs

Ladybug larva:

long, skinny black bug with two orange spots and two orange bands on the bottom of a milkweed leaf

Grabbing aphids:

ladybug larva holding an aphid in its mouth with its front legs, with lots of other red aphids nearby

This year, I plan to participate in the Lost Ladybug Project to help document the species in Minnesota.

There were also other beetles, like the milkweed beetle:

long red beetle with black spots

milkweed beetle's head peeking out from behind milkweed buds

Non-native pest, Japanese beetle:

16 shiny black-and-green beetles, some mating, on a holey grapevine wreath

Grapevine beetle – much bigger than any other beetles I saw:

medium-brown beetle at least an inch long

Soldier beetle or Pennsylvania leatherwing:

light orange beetle with long black spots at the ends of its wings, on black-eyed susan

And my favorite beetle sighting of 2015, locust borer:

large beetle with black and yellow stripes around its entire body and head, with long red legs

More bugs and critters:


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