Our perennial garden has been full of bees, wasps and other insects for the last couple of weeks.

yellow jacket crawling on pearly everlasting

The pearly everlasting is especially enticing to this pair of paper wasps.

a yellow jacket head peering over pearly everlasting

We are converting much of our lawn into gardens, both perennials and vegetables. Most of the flowers returned this year, although some, like the bunchberry, didn’t. And some others showed up as a surprise:

A bunch of daisies

Daisies: they may be invasive weeds, but they’re still pretty.

A reddish zinnia

Zinnias: I planted these in hanging baskets and they didn’t come up. Perhaps they were relocated to the front yard by the wind or birds.

Orange flowers - possibly calendula

I believe these are calendula. Another flower that I planted elsewhere (in two other locations), but rabbits got one spot and the other didn’t come up.

Sometimes, my penchant for letting shoots grow until they’re proven to be weeds pays off.